Mantova and the local area

Mantua rises out of the water, like a goddess. The Mincio river comes from Lake Garda and encircles the city, which is surrounded by river, land and sky like a rare and beautiful nymph. Once the bridge, il Ponte di San Giorgio, is crossed you can see the outline of the palace and towers of the Gonzaga family. The Gonzaga were the noble family of Mantua who made it a European capital and a city of culture known worldwide. This attachment to culture is alive now more than ever. Mantua has a love of renaissance and modern art alike.

If you would like to visit Mantua and its local area, see here two itineraries for both a day and a weekend. We are sure that, after having seen the city, having walked along its streets, and having admired its masterpieces, you will be won over by the desire to come back again.