The Hotel

A typical Mantua style building in the beautiful historic centre, next to the Loggia di Giulio Romano, it is welcoming and luxurious inside. Casa San Domenico is an eighteenth-century dwelling right next to Piazza delle Erbe and the royal Palazzo Ducale, in the heart of one of the most fascinating and art-filled cities in Italy. At the hotel guests have the pleasure of experiencing a series of stately rooms.

The four suites are La Chiocciola, Le Grottesche, Le Arpie and La Mansarda: they are all spacious with a sitting room, a refreshments area, a bedroom and a master bathroom. Casa San Domenico aims to provide the highest level of Italian hospitality and quality.

Beams, eighteenth-century frescos, light and airy rooms, quiet, private spots, are all to be found amongst the noise of daily life. With much character throughout, every area of the hotel has been planned carefully .

The interior design reflects its owners' personalities. Donata and Alberto have paid attention to every detail, to ensure every visitor feels at home. At Casa San Domenico you will be welcomed as friends. The hospitality extended by the owners stems from a passion for what they do and a love of meeting new people.